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How to handle patients' medical data in a more secure manner by distributing responsibilities.

OK sign shot in a X-ray machine. (photo credit @owenbeard)

Personal medical information are the cornerstone of relevant eHealth, and yet remain unmanaged. Who gets to host - and provide remote access to - patients medical data? Each and every medical expert and organisation holds dear to the patient data they host. And they have to. But each part of the patient data portfolio remains to be enriched with the rest of the information. With services increasingly requiring access to patient's medical data, the responsibility over medical data custody is scattered.

Yes, the patient should be in charge. But is the patient literate enough to handle health data properly?#

All field experts and governments agree.The legitimate custodian of medial data is the patient him/herself (or his/her legal tutor). But everyone also concurs on that patients are rarely equipped or taught how to carefully handle their data.

With Consento, handle patients' medical data in a shared responsibility custody.#

With Consento app, the medical data can be stored encrypted on various servers, safely replicated. The encryption key is split into unique parts, that need to be reassembled to decrypt the data set or part of the data set. The patient, the principal physician or the medical institution may each hold parts. All interactions are logged in right into the data custody.

Because security comes as a network, Consento makes it easy to onboard all patients, their close ones and expert users. By putting some humanity back into distributed cryptographic technologies, Consento combines high-level encryption and decreases the possibility of human errors.

Consento diffuses the cost of handling medical data in separated silos, and increases the value to be processed out of datasets shared across selected partners. With Consento, your organisation reputation is safe.

User-centric + co-responsibility + access control in medical datasets.#

A multi-factor authentication for humans - Consento system is built passwordless and peer-to-peer, to make everyone aware of their role in colloboratively controlling data integrity and confidential accesses.

Customise and grow the private multi-factor authentication hub to your needs and your patient's needs - Consento is built on distributed technologies and do not rely on a central cloud service. Consento enables you to craft a service completely private to your organisation. The Consento team provides services to set it up and train your teams on-demand.

Out of the box certified#

Examples of compliances.