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Data privacy for humans, by humans.

Consento brings Human-Factor Authentication to everyone in your organization. Password-less. Cloud-free. Co-responsive. Just what your organization need to manage the access and sharing of confidential operations with a peace of mind.

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How it works

  • Encryption

    Data will be secured with an encryption key.

  • Shared key

    The key is split in unique parts & shared with people you trust.

  • Unlocking

    'Consent' among all keyholders required to unlock the data.

  • Private network

    Keep control over who has access.

Feel confident to handle sensitive data

The many potenatials brought by the digital transformation come along with data privacy challenges. These challenges lie less in technical systems than in the stress of managing confidential data collectively. Consento empowers professionals and SMEs to build their private decentralized, passwordless multi-factor authentication hub.

Use cases

These are some of the key use-cases on which the Consento team is actively working at the moment, developping the code, the screens and the partnerships.

Our solution

Consento app enables you to build your custom Human-Factor Authentication in your organization:

  • Password-less, Consento removes the target of hacks or the risk of mishandling passwords.
  • Cloud-free, Consento removes the middle man and the authentication process remains private to its users only without the need of a centralized service.
  • Co-responsive, Consento makes authentication more secure through partial keys distributed within your organization and to your suppliers or customers. No single user is left as a potential point of failure of the system as a whole.
  • "Shared-secrets" are quantum-proof.

Now organizations can manage the access and sharing of confidential operations with a peace of mind. They remain in control of who has access, and they don’t bear the liability of data privacy alone.

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The technology

A lot of encryption, and a bit of Shamir’s secret.

All of our code and all designs are open source. You can have a look at the inner workings right now!

Source Code
confirm (accept: IHandshakeAcceptMessage): ICancelable<IHandshakeConfirmation> {
return cancelable<IHandshakeConfirmation, HandshakeInit>(function * () {
const secretKey = (yield crypto.computeSecret(this.confirmKey, Buffer.from(accept.token, 'base64'))) as Uint8Array
const bob = (yield createSender()) as ISender
const sendKey = (yield crypto.decrypt(secretKey, Buffer.from(accept.secret, 'base64'))) as IEncodable
if (!(sendKey instanceof Uint8Array)) {
throw Object.assign(new Error('Expected buffer in decrypted message'), { code: 'invalid-message' })
const sender = (yield createSenderFromSendKey(sendKey)) as ISender
return yield new HandshakeConfirmation({
connection: new Connection({
receiver: bob.newReceiver()
// In case you are wondering why we not just simply return "bob" as sender
// but instead pass it in two messages: the reason is that without this step
finalMessage: bob.sendKey
}, this)

Our values

  • Privacy by Design

    Consento provides 100% privacy.

  • Empowerment

    Consento makes you keep control over our data.

  • Human centric

    Consento builds on trusted human relationship.

  • Transparency

    Consento is 100% FOSS.

  • Diversity

    Consento empowers small businesses.

Support the Consento Initiative

Consento is an open initiative for the Next Generation Internet. Even if you are not a developer, you can be part of it by supporting the initiative on Open Collective.

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