Data privacy for humans, by humans.

A good digital society is not where people have to adapt to technology, but where we can handle our digital lives the same way as we have learned to do in real life. You think you already know a lot about how to handle data privacy?

Our solution

A new unlock mechanism for a secure data storage that can be unlocked with the help of others.

Starting with a mobile app, we build digital tools that you can use to make sure your data stays protected.

The technology

A lot of encryption, and a bit of Shamir’s secret.

All of our code and all designs are open source. You can have a look at the inner workings right now!

confirm (accept: IHandshakeAcceptMessage): ICancelable<IHandshakeConfirmation> {
  return cancelable<IHandshakeConfirmation, HandshakeInit>(function * () {
    const secretKey = (yield crypto.computeSecret(this.confirmKey, Buffer.from(accept.token, 'base64'))) as Uint8Array
    const bob = (yield createSender()) as ISender
    const sendKey = (yield crypto.decrypt(secretKey, Buffer.from(accept.secret, 'base64'))) as IEncodable
    if (!(sendKey instanceof Uint8Array)) {
      throw Object.assign(new Error('Expected buffer in decrypted message'), { code: 'invalid-message' })
    const sender = (yield createSenderFromSendKey(sendKey)) as ISender
    return yield new HandshakeConfirmation({
      connection: new Connection({
        receiver: bob.newReceiver()
      // In case you are wondering why we not just simply return "bob" as sender
      // but instead pass it in two messages: the reason is that without this step
      finalMessage: bob.sendKey
  }, this)

How does it work


Strong encryption on the spot.

Shared key

Key split in unique parts & shared with people you trust.


'Consent' required to unlock.

Private network

Keep control over who has access.

Co-ownership of confidential data.

When you’re far from home, Consento enables you to keep all your travel documents backuped and encrypted. No one can access these documents without combining the 3 parts of the key. No password required.

Just paired devices.

Data integrity across organizations.

When you are asked to take care of confidential of your client, Consento enables you to backup encrypted on paired devices, without the need to share the password via email, nor rely on central cloud services.

Just shared responsibility.

Our values

Privacy by Design

Consento provides 100% privacy.


Consento makes you keep control over our data.

Human centric

Consento builds on trusted human relationship.


Consento is 100% FOSS.


Consento empowers small businesses.

Consento roadmap

Human Centric


Vault sharing

Enabling users to share the content of their vault with selected users.

iOS mobile app

Create application for iOS Appstore.

Desktop app

Developing a desktop client.

Policies editing

Defining a default file at the root of vaults.

In Progress

Android mobile app

Finalizing application for Google Play store.

File Upload

Enabling to Upload various file types in vault.

Consento is proudly part of the LEDGER program, and currently working on the MVP.

We have a lot in the pipeline, feel free to give a hand.

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