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How Consento can save your life of a crypto-millionaire

You are a crypto-millionaire! If only you hadn't lost your crypto wallet key...

Have you heard how many bitcoin users would have become millionaires, only if they hadn't lost theit password? Bitcoins and distributed ledgers technologies opened amazing opportunities to secure transactions online. Although their technicality makes most end-users a bit chill. Moreover, they transform the end-user into the "single point of failure".

Jeremy Owyang tweeting about bitcoin mismanagement of wallet keys.
Jeremy Owyang's tweet -

Password managers are presented as the solution. But they just postpone the problem... Password manager services seem to solve the everyday authentication issue. But actually, they just postpone the problem; either end-users forget about their master password; either their precious vault with all their precious passwords becomes a centralised vault worth hacking!

Unsplash visual on crypto currency by David Shares -
Crypto technologies makes the end-user the single poitn of failure.

With Consento, secure your wallet credentials for years, without putting all your eggs in the same basket.#

With Consento, split your access key in parts and keep them safely stored on the devices you chose, yours and those of your trusted ones. To authenticate, Consento gathers the pieces on your request. No need to remember your password.

To keep your access under control, Consento makes sure the partial keys are taken care of and notifies you if any action is required from you to ensure your data security.

Consento screenflow to secure crypto wallet key.
Keep your wallet key at hand - your key is secured as parts only on the devices you select.

Long-lasting + sovereign + hight-level security for your digital keys.#

Your personal multi-factor authentication hub - The MFA system is built with the devices you chose and only those.

Automated management of your secrets - The Consento system is built to ensure a long-lasting management of your precious accesses.

Out of the box certified#

Examples of compliances.

Consento will work with your prefered Crypto Wallets.#

Most interesting crypto-wallets in 2021.
We are looking forward to propose Consento MFA on your favorite crypto wallets.