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How to manage contractors' responsibility in confidential file sharing with Consento

Being the custodian for contractors' CV or identities adds to the burden of coordinating agencies. Having to hold the custody of other's digital identities is timely, if not costly in human error.

Most of companies relie on a netwrok of external contractors and suppliers, for translation work, transcription, accounting, legal work, etc. Building a trustworthy partnership often starts with verified credentials, or asking for referals, in order to discard fraudulent candidates. Eventually, these verified CVs and confidential data about contractors become too valuable to be losely shared over emails or cloud services. The agency's reputation depends on it.

Translation Scammers - "As a whole, CV theft and translator impersonation are some of the most widespread scams. In 2017 alone, Translation Scammer exposed 5,055 new scammer IDs. That’s 36 new scammer IDs per month." (Word Connection Japanlization ; 2020:26)

The contractor should not ruin the agency's privacy efforts by using online tools either.
How often do freelance translators or transcriptors end up using online tools by conveniency? In doing so, they put the agency's efforts to keep data confidential at risk. Onboarding freelancers to develop a simple security and privacy hygiene ends up being costly. In the end, the agency resolves to share the information and guidances and just hopes for the best.

Sharing confidential files with suppliers means losing control and making others responsible for your data.
Consento app makes confidential file sharing undercontrol and stress-free.

With Consento, embed data security and authenticity within your network of contractors.#

With Consento app, the verfied credentials of the one at the origin of the CVs or confidential information are linked to the shared files themselves. Consento makes sure that the proofs of identity are kept up-to-date. All the files remains encrypted between parties, accessible only to selected parties, who may access the data only on your consent.

Because security comes as a network, Consento makes it easy to onboard all contractors, even the least tech-savvy. By putting some humanity back into distributed cryptographic technologies, Consento combines high-level encryption and decreases the possibility of human errors.

Consento difuses the agency's stress by lowering the efforts required to manage a pool of contractors, their verified credentials and their data privacy hygiene. With Consento, your reputation is safe.

User-centric + co-responsibility + access control in your confidential files.#

A multi-factor authentication for humans - Consento system is built passwordless and peer-to-peer. It enables to make everyone aware of their role and responsibility. It also enables to make each user accoutnable.

Verified credentials of your relations - Consento enables users to verify their personal information and add a proof of authenticity to it. Users can prove their email address, social account identities, and later their geographic address. Contracting with relations whose identity is verified will make your life easier.

Customise your privacy policies - Consento is built on distributed technologies and let you own your data. Consento enables you to craft the terms and conditions of use to fit your needs and requirements. The Consento app provides access to compliance templates for an easy start.

Out of the box certified#

Consento will enable you to easily comply with GDPR regulation. Regulations change over years, and it may cost you efforts to keep an eye on regulatory changes. Relax, Consento will notify you of any relevant changes.

Examples of compliances.