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How Consento can bring data security in your remote workplace management

Remote workers bear a great stress in collectively handling the privacy of company data. For many of us, remote working is here to stay.

Beyond the inconveniency of mixing up personal and professional spheres 24/7, remote working brings along another source of stress for remote workers, and to those in charge of maintaining the company data privacy. Now that devices are connected and used outside the company network, the risk of mishandling passwords or using unsecure networks has become higher than ever.

Ownership v/s Controllability - "(data) ownership has turned out be a double-edged sword. It can be taken to motivate marketization, to harness the economic potential of data, and to put data subjects in a position to sell their data and thereby to receive a share in the value that gets generated from it. But at the same time, at least some versions of data ownership also pose significant constraints on this undertaking. Two worries are that intimate things are being alienated, and that losses of control loom for data subjects once their data is introduced into the market. As a consequence, care should be taken that marketization aligns with—rather than undercuts—the ideal of controllability." (Hummel, Braun & Dabrock ; 2020:26)

Who should bear the stress of company data privacy?
No matter how much technology the company might invest in, the human factor remains a key point of failure for the company data security. It is also the key to company data security itself.

Remote working and accessing confidential company data increase the risks of data leak. (photo credit @andrewtneel)
Consento app makes remote company worflows safer, by making it inclusive and stress-free.

With Consento, distribute and manage the responsibility of confidential data security.#

With Consento app, access to confidential data and company services is secured with the help of co-workers. Even for the work done outside the company secured network, the responsibility of handling company secrets is distributed and the stress of a single person mishandling it is reduced. Consento app enables HR and IT departments to easily onboard all employees, if not suppliers and business partners.

Consento screenflow of passwordless MFAuthentication.
Keep your company secrets secure - each of your team members share partial keys and responsibility.

User-centric + co-responsibility + access control in your workplace management.#

A multi-factor authentication for humans - Consento system is built passwordless and peer-to-peer, to make everyone aware of their role in colloboratively controlling data integrity and confidential accesses.

Customise and grow your private multi-factor authentication hub to your needs - Consento is built on distributed technologies and do not rely on a central cloud service. Consento enables you to craft a service completely private to your organisation. The Consento team provides services to set it up and train your teams on-demand.

Out of the box certified#

Examples of compliances.

Consento will work on your current devices and online services.#

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