Consento use cases

TLDR; Consento is developing fast. We keep on expanding use cases for which handling data privacy collectively matters a great deal.

Usecase #3 - Remote workers bear the stress of collectively handling the company secrets.#

Remote working and accessing confidential company data increase the risks of data leak. (photo credit @andrewtneel)

Beyond the inconveniency of mixing up personal and professional spheres 24/7, remote working brings along another source of stress for remote workers. Now that devices are connected and used outside the company network, the risk of mishandling passwords or using unsecure networks has become higher than ever.

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Usecase #2 - Sharing data with independent contractors leads many of our confidential data to be out of hand.#

Sharing confidential files with suppliers means losing control and making others responsible for your data.

Most of companies relie on the services of external contractors or suppliers, for translation work, transcription, accounting, legal work, etc. Building a trustworthy partnership often starts with complex NDA. And it is there to stay; the partnership is hard to evolve or update.

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Usecase #1 - For the Bitcoin millionnaires who fear losing their wallet key.#

Crypto technologies make end-users the single point of failure.

Have you heard how many bitcoin users would have become millionaires, only if they hadn't lost theit password? Bitcoins and distributed ledgers technologies have opened amazing opportunities to secure transactions online. Their technicality make most end-users a bit chill though. More importantly, they transform the end-user as a key "single point of failure".

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