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Yuko Fujisawa

Yuko is a Journalist and Blogger on digital lives for the next generation. In her talk at TEDxYouth@Kobe 2016, she created a new jargon "Newly Graduate Overseas Freelancer” which breaks out the traditional work style in Japan, and been writing her opinion on several media such as Lifehacker[Japan], Huffington Post [Japan] and German Embassy Official Blog, etc. By dispatching her messages that try to break through stereotypes hidden in society, she encourages various people to create future opportunities by themselves. She actively interviews various startups and technologies that enhance the new way of life, and hosted a community of +100 freelancers around the globe which later became a decentralized freelancer's guild that holds projects within. After the success of her CtoC business, she connects businesses between Europe and Japan as a Business Developer such as coordinating company visit tours for Japanese enterprises, hosting meetups, etc.