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The idea behind Consento was born in the head of Martin, but it turned only into an actual project when Daniel pursued it with vigor and persistency. Marc joined at the time to flesh out a clearer vision of the project. We learned that a good user experience was the key to our success and Tanja joined us to improve our work and extend our vision. Eager helping us with our website, Nathaniel joined us for his first public OSS effort. Dedicated to the discovery of our customers needs and enagaged in making data privacy understandable to everyone, Yuko is now one of Consento's key asset.

Open arms#

We know you are busy. Just letting us know how you feel or a quick drive-by pull requests are heard. But we would like to invite you with open arms to join our effort. If you see a means of how you can help but don't know how to get started, join us in our chat or drop us a mail. We are happy to see how we can work together.

Given time, Tanja may even contribute your next avatar 😉.

Meet us IRL#

When in Japan, Martin hosts often Saturday Morning Consento breakfasts at the Georepublic Kobe office. We casually chat over Consento and have coffee. If you are around, feel free to join from 10am onwards.

In the summer there will also be various meeting chances in Europe, in Vienna, Munich and potentially Amsterdam. Learn about those by subscribing to our events repository.

Meet us Online#

Usually we communicate about Consento on our Discord chat. Feel free to ask us any questions that come to mind.