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How does Consento work?

Your device is your key#

Multi-factor authentication without the middle-man.
Consento let's you build your own multi-factor authentication hub without relying on a third party service but on Decentralized Groups. For example, when you connect your consento ID to an eligible service, simply grant access on your device to log into your account without entering a password.

Share parts of your key with others#

The more you share the better.
With Consento you can set up a new way of MFA called human factor authentication. Parts of the key that is stored on your device to unlock or access your connected services will be split into unique parts and distributed among the people you choose.

Give consent to unlock#

Build on human trust.
To reconstruct the original key, a minimum number of parts is required. The involved parties need to give their consent to reconstruct the original key.

Completely private networks#

Shared responsibilities instead of single point of failure
Consento is an access control technology designed to quickly integrate in organizations and employees’ liability systems. Consento protocol is distributed, granting end-users the full ownership of their data and secrets. Everything stays within your organization. There is no central storage of data.

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