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What if I have only 1 device?#

Although this is a common situation, this means that your consento app is poorly secured. If you lose your device, break it or erase the app, your user ID and all related auth will be lost. Additionally, this is a situation a user may 'return to' temporarily, if they were to have 2 devices associated with their user ID and remove 1 of the device (to add a new one for instance).

For this reason, for user ID with only 1 device,

  • relations will be notified that this user has a poor set up of devices
  • some features will be activated only if 2 devices are associated to a user ID ; ex. becoming a new key holder of a relation's lock
  • prompts and guidance will encourage user to add other devices or services, to ensure secure back up and safe recovery process
Last updated on by Martin Heidegger